Photo of the day by Bahia Chiquita - Paradise of fruits... Dominican Republic

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The fruits grown here are the best. You have never eaten a pineapple/ piña or a passion fruit until you have tried one here in República Dominicana.

The Mangos (season May thru September), of which there are two types, are wonderful and very messy. These are best eaten with a knife as the little strings of fiber get stuck in the teeth. Don't let the juice get on your clothes, it stains… 

Papaya/ lechosa is unbelievably tasty and nothing like what you will find in other countries. TRY IT!!

Then there are the fruits that you have never seen or heard of before. Some do look ugly but don't snub them because of the way they look.

For example, the sweet oranges/china here are so sweet and juicy. You can buy a juice on the street fresh squeezed and many restaurants squeeze their juices fresh. There are a few different types of oranges. The china, which is the sweet /agria orange and is used to make juice (sometimes it is mixed with sugar to make it even sweeter) and to eat whole. Then there is the bitter orange/ naranja sevillana that is used for cooking. The Guava/ guayaba, a pink colored, pear-shaped fruit with yellow skin, is wonderful when made into juice or a greenish colored jelly (try it made into a paste and eaten with some cheese, I was shocked that this tastes so good). I highly recommend everyone tries some zapote juice, the fruit is ugly but the juice is sooo yummy.

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