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Bahia Chiquita, great emotions of adventure…

If you are a lover of sports or excursions, you couldn’t be in a better location. Some of the activities we offer are scuba diving, sport fishing, boat excursions, bicycle trips and visits to a waterfall. Locally available tours can help you discover the natuIMG_0109ral wonders of the area:

- Cayo Levantado, the island of crystal clear water.  

- Los Haitises National Park, fascinating for its flora and fauna, and the history of Taino indians.

- El Limon Waterfall, in the heart of the jungle, most easily accessible on horseback.

- Playa Rincon, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

From January trough March the  area is visited by humpback whales, a not-to-be-missed natural event.

And, if you’re ready to relax, enjoy a massage or a cocktail on the beach.


We can offer you:

Riding Playa Colorada3  This day includes a set of activities where you can taste a little of each and is designed to spend a day rich in emotions but without trepidation.

This is a very complete and enjoyable activity, while appropriate for diverse groups in the sense of more people and less bold, the level puts the participant who may choose if you miss something or if instead a repeat.

CANOEING: The double canoe gives you the ability to navigate the waters of the river ... in peace.

RAPEL: This technique of descent by rope is used in many other activities, canyoning, climbing, caving, etc.. Learn to control yourself and enjoy to feel suspended in space safely, under the direction of an expert monitor that will show you the different techniques of abseiling.

TIROLINA: We crept with a horizontal cable pulley with some slope. Restrained by a harness pulleys to fly in a gentle and prolonged decline to bridge a height difference, will make us feel a little bird in the air.

TARZANING: When Tarzan-style leap into the void, we grabbed a rope and swinging to a stop if you want, screaming howl of the famous character. 

RIDE: We will finish our adventure riding slowly between tropical forests


The itinerary of our trip:

✓ Meeting place for passenger, welcome, transfer, information

✓ Begin the activity with Canoe

✓ Rappel of 30m

✓ Walk to the Cascata

✓ Tarzaning in front of the cascata

✓ Hike to the ranch

✓ Transfer to the meeting point



By helicopter

By boat

Evening Massage

Bahia Chiquita

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